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History of the city


ARBANDAL , important Celtic city of country EDUEN, built with the site of the current borough will know the Roman occupation into 50 before JC.

The troops of Jules César crossing the solid mass of Morvan will discover the hot sources and will decide creation of THERMAL BATHS which function until the IV 2nd century (a precise dating could be carried out starting from the Roman parts discovered in the wells at the time of the excavations of 1830). ARBANDAL becomes AQUAE NISINAEÏ .

The invasions vandals and other people of the north of Italy will put an end to a long boom.

From the high Middle Ages and during several centuries the sources will not be used any more, the establishment built by the Romans will disappear définiment under the silts from a marsh.

In 1010, creation by Hugues de Chatillon of a priory placed under the term of SAINT HONOURS will determine the name of the borough, the term "the baths" will be assistant there later on.

A part of the former priory Benedictine, built with the XI ème century, remains today with the 22 street of the church.

It is Doctor Regnault de Lormes which in 1789 will recognize the first, the therapeutic virtues of water.

In 1812, Bacon Parr, disputed doctor and somewhat adventurer will endeavour to develop the use of water but had to give up fault of sufficient means.

In 1839, excavations carried out by the Marquis Antoine Theodore d'Espeuilles will lead to the update of the Roman structures. A modern and functional establishment will open its doors in 1855.
The sources will be declared of public utility in 1860.

From 1855 until our days, the Station will experience an important developmen t: creation of hotels, sporting structures and leisures, of a casino, actualization of the hydropathic establishment and city.

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