Vacances vertes en meublés, hôtels, gîtes, camping à Saint Honoré les Bains

Many excursions are to be made on our commune, here however a choice of 5 marked out circuits.

Circuit of "four Monté"
Duration : 1 h 30 (4 km)
Marking : blue
Altitude : 350/300 m
Departure of the Tourism Office of Saint Honoré-les-Bains. To take the direction of Luzy. To follow this road on approximately 500 m after the small ponds located on both sides of the road, at the exit of the city. To take on the left the country lane called of "Crot du Loup" and to follow it until its outlet on the road. One arrives then on the secondary road at the locality "Le Four Monté" from where the sight extends on Saint-Honoré and the Plain of the Resident of Nevers on West ; the Vieille Mountagne" and the mounts of Morvan on East. To take the direction of Saint-Honoré that you joined by the "Champ de Foire" with on the left the telephone exchange, and on the right, the buildings of the sappers firemen and the municipal rocker.

Self pedestrian circuit of "Moulin de La Queudre"
Duration : 3 hours (5 km)
Marking : red
To go by car to the Mill of Queudre (4 km) which is with semi way between the villages of Mont and La Queudre in East of Saint-Honoré-les Bains. To take the country lane which passes between two unused mills. To leave the pond on the left all while granting attention to him which it deserves because it finds in a splendid site. One arrives thus under the rock known as "des Mouillas" from where thousands of tons of feldspar were extracted formerly and carried out, by the cartages drawn by oxen or horses at the port from VANDENESSE on the Channel from the Resident of Nevers, to be transported there by water way to the factory of glass of Saint-Léger-les-Vignes (closed between the two wars). One arrives at an asphalt road, to take on the right. In the passing, to make a small hook to climb "Pierre Aïgue", a little further, one can be refreshed with the "Fontaine à Froid". To "Place aux Charbon" (place where the production of charcoal made in the surrounding forests was joined together to dispatch it towards the cities), to continue the road by taking on the right the direction of the village of Mont. The sight is splendid throughout this course. One reaches the village of Mont from where one discovers Saint-Honoré-les-Bains and a very beautiful panorama in general direction of West. At the exit of the village of Mont, to take on the right the small road in direction of "La Queudre".

Self pedestrian circuit of "l'Abatas"
Duration : 1 h 30 (4,5 km)
Marking : blue
Altitude: 510 m
Course common with circuit n° 2 of the "Place au Charbon" to the end. To go by car to the village of Munt, on East of Saint Honoré-les-Bains (4 km). To take at the exit of the village, the first road on the right South-eastern direction which crosses the solid mass of the "Vieille Montagne" while passing by the old house of Châtillon. Throughout the rise which is stiff, you can admire a splendid panorama ; including the Plain of the Nevers-land with VANDENESSE on West and the Mounts of Morvan in North (Mount Genièvre - Préneley - Folin). To take the road on the left in direction of the "Place au Charbon". To take on the left, in direction of the village of Mont and Saint-Honoré-les Bains by admiring a nature picturesque, wild, with particularly imposing sights of North in South-west. To join the village of Munt.

Circuit of "Hâte by la Chaume"
Duration : 1 h 30 (3,5 km)
Marking : blue
Altitude : 300 m
To go to the beginning, to borrow one or other of the streets "de l'Hâte" being reproduced on the plan of Honoré-les-Bains then to continue until entry of wood. Departure at the exit of the district of Hâte in the North of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains by the old road (old Roman way and old road of Saint-Honore-les-Bains to Moulins-Engilbert). To take on the left, a path under wood, to the oak of the balls (secular oak, place of meeting for the old ones which gave balls to it). To take on the left on 50 m, then still on the left through a wood lately cut. To join the edge of the meadows by a small path. One arrives on a dirt track, to take it in direction of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains which one sees the bell-tower (on East). To take the street "de la Chaume" then the street "de l'Hâte" to join the starting point.

Circuit of "Hâte" by "les Loges"
Duration : 2 h 30 (4,5 km)
Marking : red
Altitude : 300 m
Section common with circuit n° 4 at the beginning. At the exit of the district "de l'Hâte in the North of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, from where the sight extends on the station, the Castle of "La Montagne" and the "Vieille Montagne". To take on the left, a path under wood, to follow red marking. To take the line of unloading on the right and to cross a small brook to ford. To take on the left to the exit of the forest. To descend and join the road of VANDENESSE. To return in Saint Honoré by avenue Jean-Mermoz.

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