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The wafer with the griaudes or "Grillaudes"
To incorporate in a paste, either with bread, or laminated, or still with not sweetened brioche, small plugs returned to the frying pan or the residues of molten breakdown of pig. (These ingredients are called in the area, griaudes, grillaudes, crickets or scrape)
Cook out of wafer punt or crown on a plate with pastry making or in tart plate.

The "Grapiaus"
To make a thick pancake batter, then to cook them in an oiled frying pan.
One can make return from the bacon or ham of Morvan in the frying pan before adding the paste.
One can also add in the paste of sweet herbs.
These grapiaus is eaten with a salad.

Eggs with ham
To cook a piece of ham of Morvan like a beef stew by adding to it a calf's foot, feet of pig and parts of salted.
After cooking, to pass the bubble and to place in this one some peeled hard-boiled eggs and piques with a fork, so that they impregnate aroma of ham well.
To let cook on the corner of the cooker at least two hours with small fire.
To cut ham and the calf's feet, pig, and salted of pieces ; to put in a hollow dish, to mix with whole hard-boiled eggs.
To pour above the quite rested bubble and degreased well.
To let cool and take in frost.
To be useful, to unmould and cross in sections.
Besides this dish prepares especially at the time of Easter and takes the name "of eggs to ham of Easter".

Eggs with wine (nivernaise or morvandelle mode) -"Oeufs in meurette "
In a pan, to make return from onion chopped very finely.
When this one is gilded, to add some also finely chopped cloves of garlic.
To immediately wet red half-litre of wine and water glass.
To season salt and of pepper, thyme and bay-tree.
To let boil 5 minutes, then to poach the number of desired eggs there (8 to the maximum).
To withdraw eggs, to make reduce the wine, to bind this one of a butter handled with 1/2 spoonful to soup of flour.
To serve eggs on let us croûtons of bread fried.
Sauce Napper.

The ham of Morvan
The ham of Morvan not smoked is salted than hams of mountain but not smoked generally more.
Formerly, it was salted with the salting tub, was dried in a bag of flax and was hung in the common part, then longer preserved in the wood ash.
It is tasted believed or cooked with eggs (see receipt of eggs to ham of Easter) or cut in fine sections in an omelette or potful (the heel).

Potful (Pôtée)
To make de-salt the small one salted in fresh water by renewing this one 2 or 3 times ; to peel all vegetables ; to cut potatoes, turnips, carrots, 3 onions into four and cabbage into six ; to prick last onion with the cloves.
To make heat the lard in a large casserole ; to put the pieces of vegetables (without potatoes and cabbage) to gild, as well as the piece of spine, leeks, celery, the parsley, 1 sheet of bay-tree, 1 small thyme branch and garlic ; to pepper; to largely cover and make cook with small boiling during 3/4 of hour.
To make boil water in a pot ; to plunge the pieces of cabbage during 6 minutes, then to pass under cold water and to drain them.
To add in the casserole, bacon and cabbage and to let cooking continue during 1 hour 1/4 ; to then prick sausage with a fork ; to add it in the casserole, as well as potatoes ; to let cook during 3/4 of hour ; to rectify the seasoning.
To make heat a dish of service ; when the potful is cooked, to drain vegetables ; to lay out them in the dish with the spine and sausage ; to be useful very hot.
Help :
At the time of buying the small one salted, to ask the porkbutcher if it is very salted or not ; this is very significant to know for how long it is necessary to make it de-salt.

The "coq au vin"
To make slightly reduce the red wine in a small pan.
To cut the cock of pieces, to salt and pepper those ; to make heat butter in a casserole and make gild the pieces of cock on all the sides, then to withdraw to them casserole. to peel onions, to cut them out of discs and to make them return in the casserole ; to again place the pieces of cock in this one ; to mix; to withdraw the casserole of fire ; to add the cognac ; to stir up well to thaw, then remetter the casserole on fire and to flame.
To peel garlic and to crush it ; to make heat the furnace at average temperature ; to pour the hot red wine in the casserole ; to add the furnished bouquet and crushed garlic ; to cover the casserole and to slip it into the furnace ; to let cook approximately 1 hour 30.
To clean and wash mushrooms, then to drain them ; to peel small onions ; to cut bacon in plugs ; to dissolve butter in a pan ; to add sugar and salt, then onions and to make them caramelize on all the sides.
To make jump to small fire the plugs in a frying pan, then to drain them and put them in a plate ; to make cook mushrooms in the same stove, by using the grease returned by the plugs ; to stir up well ; to put the plugs, mushrooms in the pan containing onions.
Ten minutes before the end of the cooking of the cock, to make heat oil in a frying pan and to make gild let us croûtons them bread in the same stove ; to put those on an absorbing paper sheet.
To put the pieces of cock on a dish and to hold it with the heat; to pass sauce of the cock to the fine sieve ; to add onions, the plugs and mushrooms and to make heat the whole during a few moments.
Napper the pieces of cock with this sauce and to surround them of let us croûtons gilded ; to be useful at once, heat.

Morels of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains
The morels will be washed and wiped well.
To jump to butter in jumping; to salt and pepper.
To make cook until evaporation of all returned water.
To then add two good decilitres of fresh cream.
To leave mijoter on the corner of the furnace.
The cream will reduce and become a consistent sauce which will coat morels.
To rectify seasoning before being useful.
The morels very often make use in croustades of puff pastry.

The soft white cheese
Tastes itself with the Parisian way : with sugar or the morvandelle way : with salt, pepper and sweet herbs (garlic, chive, parsley...)


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