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Thermal spa and hydrotherapy
Elevation : 300 m (984 ft)

Saint Honoré-les-Bains is characterized by the meeting on the same site of thermal waters of an exceptional therapeutic value and a matchless natural environment.

Station of care above all, you will find to Saint Honoré the guarantee of a perfectly tolerated cure, even if you have the fragility of the childhood or the advanced age.

Therapeutic orientations
  • Treatment of respiratory tracts 0.R.L (VR)
    - Infectious or inflammatory recidivantes or chronic Affections : nasopharyngitises, rhinitises, sinusitis, pharyngites, pharyngitises, laryngitis, catarrh tubaire, otites séreuses, séro-mucous or adhesive, transplant of the eardrum.
    - Allergic affections : allergic rhinitis, asthma allergic bronchique.

  • Diseases of respiratory tracts Broncho-Pulmonaires (VR)
    Infectious or inflammatory récidivantes Disorders(Affections) or columns(chronicles) of the trachee and the bronchi : tracheites, bronchitises, asthma, not allergic bronchique and dilation of bronchi.
Treatments of Respiratory tracts
- Vaporarium - Bain
- Aérosol sonique - Bain local
- Gargarisme - Douche générale
- Bain nasal - Douche locale
- Irrigation nasale - Drainage postural individuel
- Humage nébulisation - Rééducation respiratoire collective
- Pulvérisation nasale et bucale - Boisson.

  • Rheumatology and aftereffects of ostéo-articular traumatism localized or diffuse (RH)
    Degenerative osteoarthritis, periarthrites, tendinitis, lumbago with or without associated sciatica.
Treatments of the Rheumatology
- Bain général - Douche pénétrante
- Aérobain - Etuve générale
- Bain avec douche sous marine - Etuve locale
- Hydromassage - Vaporarium
- Douche générale au jet - Boisson.
  • Simultaneous treatment of both indications (double handicap) (VR+RH) or (RH+VR)
    The sedative action of warm waters shows itself in a beneficial way by calming the pains and by reducing the contractions...

Composition of waters
  • Sulphurized and chlorinated Sources sodiques, weakly arsenicales, with a considerable quantity of silica.
  • Temperature in the emergence: between 24 ° and 30 ° C.
  • Modern technical plateau with a vast outfit of care at arrangement !
The children to Saint Honoré-les-Bains
  • Often surprising profits were found by the children in the suites of a cure to Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, the testimonies translate a real blooming during their stays in this station.
  • Of the age from 3 to 18 years, possibility of accommodations in Children centres with Sanitary character for water cures ( Accommodation, medical follow-up, thermal care and animation).
  • The children have at the same time the possibility, in May and June, of following the cure by continuing their schooling (thermal classes and remedial courses). This service is also proposed to the children accompanying their parents making a cure.


It will bring you well-being, relaxation, relaxation by the combined action of the water, the heat and the power of the jets !

Main therapeuthiques indications :
  • Pains ridges,
  • Spasms and muscular tensions,
  • Heavy Legs,
  • Thinning down,
  • Drainage,
  • Insomnia...
Stays of reshaping "AT YOUR CHOICE"
Failed : Vitality - Relaxation Sweetness...
  • Number of days in the demand !

And 2 formulas "STOP TOBACCO"
To say "not in the tobacco" with 2 formulas in the choice :
  • The one on a session of 6 days with 4 cares in the choice of the formula the " New Breath".
  • Other one within the framework of a traditional cure of 18 days "Respiratory tracts".
Where inquire ?
  • The various thermal information is available with the thermal doctors and with the hydropathic establishment.

    Opening from April 03rd till October 28th
    B.P 08
    58360 Saint Honoré-les-Bains
    Tél : 00 33 3 86 30 73 27
    Fax : 00 33 3 86 30 69 55
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