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La Montagne Castle

This castle, registered on the supplementary inventory of Ancient memorials, visits.

History notes :
  • In the end of XVIth century : construction of a Fort with staves, bridge levis and murderous.
  • In the end of XVIIIth century : important alterations realized by the architect Jean-Baptiste Caristie.
  • 1787 : family d'Espeuilles get owner.
  • 1839/1840 : Renovation of the rooms of reception by Félix Duban, architect who rehabilitated, among others, the Castle of Blois.
  • To see :

  • At the first floor: the hallway with its vaults of the XVIth century and its enormous Alsatian heater.
  • In the main staircase : an impressive sculpture in terra-cotta, representing a scene of hunting, realized by Pierre-Louis Rouillard (1841-1842, Le Louvre).
  • In the billiard room : walked Louis XV, family portraits among which that of Duke Bassano, ancestor of the family of Espeuilles, Minister of Napoleon Premier.
  • In the lounge : ceiling heightened in the Italian, the stained glasses, the marble fireplace white with Italy.
  • In the dining room: woodwork in oak, sculptured fireplace.
  • On the terrace : seen on the dovecote (which sheltered 1400 from it), the ancient pottery.
  • The chapel: woodwork and stained glasses.

  • The Pottery of la Montagne
    This factory of ceramic was built from 1847 and worked until 1926.
    This building in the style of remarkable construction is classified Industrial Ancient memorial since 1997.

    The thermale architecture and the "Belle Epoque"
    Nothing remains gallo-Roman thermes, it is only in 1851 at instigation of the marquess of Espeuilles that is built the modern thermes, deserving receiving the upper middle class. Being transformed in the course of the years, they constantly evolved until become a highly updated clinic, arranging the most evolved techniques.

    Their general current look date of 1900, year during which was built the dome, sheltering the monumental entrance, tiled by mosaics.
    The several times enlarged and reshaped park, took its current aspect in the 1950s, thanks to Christian Gerber to whom returned her try to realize the yellow and green mosaics in enamels of Briare.

    From 1855 till 1930, to meet the needs of a fortunate clientele which "was going to take waters" was built everything a set of leisure activities: casino, theater, tennis courts, riding school, golf, swimming pool, bandstand.

    At the same time, hotels, villas and magnificent houses build themselves until 1930 to welcome the more and more numerous persons having hydrotherapy. The last war terminated this time, Saint Honoré resumes his activity after the end of the hostilities, but the clientele evolves and does not come any more in stations for long stays of holidays as formerly.

    The reception is again transformed to meet the needs of persons having hydrotherapy, and of tourists, and so the new sports equipments were built, swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, new tennis, equestrian route.

    Modern station possessing waters in the incomparable therapeutic virtues, Saint-Honoré-les-Bains at the same moment reappointed Health resort and Green Station protected from any pollution, waits for your visit.

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